Fun for the whole family: Some ways to virtually connect with loved ones

MILWAUKEE -- Play dates aren't just for kids anymore. Lifestyle expert Jennifer Munoz joins FOX6 WakeUp with some fun ways to virtually connect with loved ones.

For the guys

    For the gals

      For the kids

        Lights, Camera, FaceTime . . . Action! -- Host a virtual talent show, play, or puppet show - creative ways for kids to work together in a virtual world. Host a Drawing Competition Or use a site, like Let`s Make Art to hone your watercolor skills. Have a Bake Off: Learn a new recipe - see who`s cut out for Master Chef or Nailed It, either way, kids will have fun, learn new skills, everyone gets a tasty snack! Local Milwaukee bakeries are also offering baking kits to help get you started.

        Fun for the whole family