Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin embrace a paws-off approach to training your dog

BROOKFIELD -- Even though dogs are man's best friend, sometimes training them can be... a hassle. The Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin are here to help! Kramp headed over to their facilities on Tuesday, August 27 to learn about their methods and meet plenty of furry friends.

About Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin (website) 

The Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin (FFTW) is a membership group of professional, active trainers and veterinary professionals with an interest in behavior advocating for the physical, emotional and environmental well being of companion animals.

The FFTW is dedicated to training methods and techniques that focus on teaching animals by rewarding desired behaviors and exclude the intentional use of physical or psychological intimidation.

The FFTW members are passionate about education and take pride in collaborating with each other to help pets and their owners.

Members of the FFTW are evaluated throughout the year to ensure they are maintaining a high level of professionalism in the work they do.