Feeling stressed lately? Realign you mind and body at Mind Shirt Yoga in Sussex

SUSSEX -- Feeling stressed lately? Maybe it’s fine to take some time to realign you mind and body. Brian is at Mind Shift Yoga & Wellness with some basic moves for all ages.

About Mind Shift Yoga (website)

Your outside physique is only a glimpse into your overall health.  Utilizing Christian holistic therapies of alignment yoga, guided meditation, health coaching and energy healing a client gains stability, strength and clarity to live their lives.

Mind Shift Yoga utilizes the Yoga Therapy model.   A client receives an individualized program based on a your specific body type.  For clients who want to take their practice deeper were offer the Eat Well, Sleep Well, Think Well - Age Well retreats, workshops and 45 minute mini-workshop programs.  It is here that clients learn daily habits of cleansing, breathing, meditating and exercising to heal and sustain their bodies.  Each client is encouraged to take ownership of their own health and implement safe practices that they believe will enable their body to thrive.