Equipment and classes offered: Elite Endurance is designed to push anyone to the next level

KENOSHA -- It's a gym owned and operated by local firefighters, designed to push anyone to the next level. Carl is checking out Elite Endurance in Kenosha.

About Elite Endurance (website)

Do you need to improve your speed, agility, or change of direction? In life, usually the faster person wins the event. However, having straight away speed is only a small portion of the complete package. You have to be able to sprint and change direction laterally, backward, and forward. These skills are crucial in sports, but also in everyday life.

At Elite Endurance, we want to help you improve your ability to perform these skills. Each 1 hour session will focus on correcting running form and muscle imbalances. These problems often lead to slower running times and cutting abilities. Utilizing high speed Woodway treadmills, Vertimax platforms, and various other pieces of equipment, we will help develop the power and strength needed to help you perform at your best. 

Personal Training​    

The main benefit of personal training is the one-on-one focus you get in every session. During this time, you will be coached and taught how to properly perform the mechanics and movements of each exercise. If you have a specific goal or event coming up, this is the best way to get a training program that has been perfectly dialed in to your individual needs.

Group Personal Training

Group personal training is geared to help up to 4 people who share the same or very similar goals. While this is not one-on-one like an individual personal training session, it has the benefit of working together as a team in a smaller focused group. If a father and son, mother and daughter, or a group of friends want someone to be accountable to, this is the perfect opportunity. In group personal training sessions, everyone will be coached and taught proper mechanics and movements of all the exercises.