Enjoy German dancers, musicians, food and beer, but where?

GLENDALE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Bavarian Bierhaus in Glendale previewing Oktoberfest with German dancers, musicians, food and beer.

About Bavarian Bierhaus (website)

The Bavarian Bierhaus resides on a landmark Milwaukee property developed by the United Bavarian Societies, later renamed the United German Societies (UGS). UGS were comprised of the following five Milwaukee German social, dance, and athletic clubs: B.G.T.V. D'lusting'n Wendlstoana, Sueddeutscher Volkstrachten Erhaltungs Verein D'oberlandler, Bayerischer Vergnungungs Club, Gesangverein Bavaria, and Bavarian Soccer Club. In 1934, UGS leased land that includes the property now occupied by the Bavarian Bierhaus.

The original Bavarian property spanned from Port Washington Road to the Milwaukee River. For ten years UGS leased the property and in 1944 they purchased the land and the clubhouse that fronted Port Washington Road. In the mid 1960's, UGS sold a portion of the property close to Port Washington Road to a hotel chain. With that money, UGS designed and built the Bavarian Inn. In the 1980's, the expansion of Interstate 43 resulted in the loss of additional land on the east side of the Bavarian Inn property and a reconfiguration of the soccer fields, leaving the approximately 15 acres occupied by the Bavarian Bierhaus and Bavarian Soccer Club today.

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