'Energy and authenticity:' Crossroads Collective is a food hall full of local flavors

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Crossroads Collective on Farwell in Milwaukee. It's Milwaukee's new food hall for foodies. No chains, only local concepts and made-from-scratch meals. It's unique culinary-driven food hall with multiple micro-restaurants.

About Crossroads Collective (website)

It came to fruition in the 1930’s as a popular pharmacy and lunch counter. Soon it became known around town as Oriental Drugs, and some would say that it was the epicenter of Milwaukee. That is, until 1995 when Oriental Pharmacy shut its doors for good.

Afterward, it became a slew of restaurants, the last of which closed their doors in March 2017.

That’s where New Land Enterprises came in with a new vision.

“We believe only a food hall can come close to replicating the energy and vibe of Oriental Drugs,” says Gokhman, “In researching the history of Oriental Drugs, I truly understood the visceral importance of that institution to the neighborhood. As a result, I realized that a single concept cannot be what Oriental Drugs was – a place that was so many things to so many people, offering a place for the community to engage.”

As a food hall, Crossroads Collective harnesses the creativity, energy and authenticity of eight local owner/operators who only make from-scratch meals. In addition to our restaurant vendors, Crossroads Collective will also have an oyster and champagne bar, thoughtful wine selections, and a spirited speakeasy. At Crossroads Collective, we celebrate culinary artistry with the community we embrace, while at the same time striving to elevate Milwaukee on the national food scene. Crossroads also strives to be a zero net waste facility, using compostable flatware, napkins, straws and parchment paper. It’s just the right thing to do.