Eder Flag in Oak Creek produces American flag in all shapes and sizes

OAK CREEK -- June 14 is Flag Day throughout the United States. And where better to celebrate than at Eder Flag in Oak Creek. Carl is taking us to a place that produces millions of flags every year.

About Eder Flag (website)

In the nation's heartland Eder Flag Manufacturing Co. has built a legacy of manufacturing quality products known for craftsmanship, quality and durability. Remaining focused on these values, a little business launched more than 100 years ago in southeastern Wisconsin has grown to become America's largest manufacturer of both flags and flagpoles.

Originally launched as Eder Manufacturing Co. in 1887 by seven brothers from the Eder family, the company focused on making pillows, felt pennants, rag dolls and hunting jackets. From those humble beginnings, the flag-making business was launched and incorporated in 1903.

During the Great Depression, a small staff of highly skilled sewers at Eder Flag began to handcraft U.S. flags, working in a plant filled with yards and yards of hand-cut red, white and blue cotton and silk material.

As time went on, Eder Flag added to its product line, providing many different types of flags, flagpoles and accessories. The company established itself as a leader in quality and variety of products.

During this time, Morris, one of the seven original Eder brothers that started the company, passed along his passion for the flag-making business to his son, Eugene.

In the 1940s, Eugene enrolled in the U.S. Navy and served during World War II on the USS Bronstein. After the war he went to college and eventually earned a law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His experience in the military along with the passion for flag-making instilled by his father, Morris, led to a firm belief that the American flag should be made in America. Those convictions led Eugene to acquire Eder Flag Manufacturing Co. in 1957 and proudly serve as its leader for more than 50 years.

The company moved to Oak Creek, Wis. in 1979 from downtown Milwaukee and has steadily grown by focusing on customer service and by making quality, craftsmanship and durability paramount values within the company.