Delicious dining for a cause: Lake Geneva Restaurant Week runs through June 9

LAKE GENEVA --  Brian Kramp spent the morning in Lake Geneva for Lake Geneva Restaurant Week. It kicked off Saturday and runs through June 9.
And it's dining for a cause! With every meal out, diners can vote for one of six charities in the running for a $5,000 charity check.  This year's charities include the Lake Geneva Food Pantry, MyTeam Triump, Alzheimer's Association, Lake Geneva Fresh Air Association Holiday Home Camp, New Beginnings APFV.

About Lake Geneva Restaurant Week (website)

Restaurant Week - Nine Days of Delicious Dining For a Cause. With each meal out, you have the opportunity to vote for one of six charities in the running for the $5,000 “Charity Check.” At the end of your meal, look for the ballot presented with the bill. The top vote recipient at the end of the week will receive $5,000 to invest in its mission. This is made possible through the generous support of Lake Geneva Country Meats.