Cold-pressed organic juices: Get your daily allotment of vitamins by drinking just one bottle

GLENDALE -- The Glendale company Healthy Roots uses 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables in its products. Carl spent the morning showing off some of the process of making cold-pressed juice.

About Healthy Roots (Facebook page)

An eight-year battle with a life-threatening autoimmune disease gave rise to a blessing in disguise. My illness was a wake-up call; a chance to reverse a lifetime of poor eating habits inevitably led me to discover the power of using food as medicine. More specifically, a strict daily regimen of cold-pressed, fresh, organic juices provided me with a resurgence of health unlike anything I had ever experienced. So incredible, in fact, I made it my mission to show the world that routinely drinking a bottle of organic juice is the best investment we can make. In an era where only 1 in 10 Americans receive the adequate daily intake of fruits & vegetables and over 97% admit to living unhealthy lifestyles, Healthy Roots was created to showcase just how impactful juicing can be.