Celebrate Wisconsin's deep German roots during the holidays at the Christmas Market

OCONOMOWOC -- The German Christmas Market in Oconomowoc celebrates Wisconsin's deep German roots. From food to handmade gifts there's something for everyone.

About German Christmas Market in Oconomowoc (website)

Nestled against the shore of Fowler Lake in the newly expanded Village Green Park lies the promise of something great for you, your family and your friends this Thanksgiving weekend. The German Christmas Market offers the very best of this much-loved event right here in beautiful downtown Oconomowoc. Originally held in Dietzenbach, Germany, the Christmas Market is the perfect place to gather with friends while you enjoy delicious food and treats, shop for handmade gifts and feel transported to a magical holiday wonderland through joyful music and activities.

The Christmas Market is truly a can’t miss outing this holiday season—a shopping and entertainment venue that rivals even those found in Europe. No holiday season is complete without a day (or two) out at the annual German Christmas Market.  This event is a celebration of the hearty German community here in Wisconsin. Whether you are German or not, we promise you will feel like you are. There are warm tents and outdoor Beer Gardens, so weather matters little. We have special guests slated throughout the event and live entertainment from start to finish. So kommen Sie zu uns!