Carrie’s Crispies: The place where a good ‘ole classic treat is transformed into ultimate indulgence

MILWAUKEE -- Rice crispy treats are a classic for anyone with a sweet tooth. Carl is introducing us to a woman who turned the traditional treats into a gourmet business.

About Carrie’s Crispies (website)

As suspected, my name is Carrie, and I am the creator of Carrie’s Crispies, the place where a good ‘ole classic treat is transformed into the ultimate indulgence that will make your taste buds sing. For as long as I can remember, I had a sweet tooth, and although I love desserts of all kinds, I have always been fond of rice crispie treats. My fondness then morphed into a passion – immersing myself into anything and everything rice crispie treats, perfecting my creations to make the ideal scrumptious treats. Every special occasion, birthday, holiday and event warranted a reason to make my specialty rice crispies, and that’s when people started asking “how can I get these?”

And poof -- Carrie’s Crispies was born.

Carrie’s Crispies are built on love, passion and an unceasing sweet tooth that together make the perfect rendition of a childhood favorite. Carrie’s Crispies are not just any ordinary rice crispie treat - each has been specially crafted to satisfy your sweet tooth and take you back to the simple joys of life. With a menu full of fresh, fun flavors, there is something to delight everyone’s taste buds. From seasonal flavors to salty blends, and explosive sweetness and discriminating bites, Carrie’s Crispies are the perfect treats for every day and every occasion - birthdays, weddings, holidays, corporate events, and more importantly, a treat for yourself.

And be sure to visit Carrie’s Crispies often. I am always reinventing and recreating recipes to introduce new flavors and new combinations that will surely delight.