Bringing the kitchen to the classroom: Youth Chef Academy teaches Milwaukee students how to cook

MILWAUKEE -- FoodRight is a Milwaukee-based non-profit that teaches kids how to cook and manage their nutrition. So even elementary and middle school students become talented chefs. Carl is taking part in the Youth Chef Academy at Trowbridge Elementary.

About Youth Chef Academy (website)

Targeting middle-school-aged students, this is FoodRight's cornerstone program. Theory-based, behavior-driven, and scientifically vetted, the curriculum promotes intake of vegetables, legumes and whole grains while addressing core academic standards in math and English language arts. Through the course of 6 - 12 lessons, youth explore foods, learn about the food system, and create meals as chefs-in-training receiving intensive culinary lessons in knife skills and cooking methods. Programs are led by a highly-skilled instructor from FoodRight. Teachers, staff parents and volunteers from schools and organizations are provided with a training course and support the classroom implementation.