Blaze Pizza opens 5th Milwaukee-area location

MILWAUKEE -- Blaze Pizza has recently opened their fifth location in the Milwaukee area. John Kovacs, a Blaze Pizza franchise owner, stopped by the Fox6 WakeUp studios on Saturday, April 6 to talk with Derica and Rachael about all the delicious offerings available at Blaze.

Blaze is known for their custom-built pizzas served quickly. Each restaurant features an interactive assembly-line format that allows guests to create their own pizzas. Guests can add any toppings they choose for one price. After the pizzas are built, they're cooked in a blazing hot open-fire oven -- and they're ready to eat in just 180 seconds. Kovacs notes that Blaze's dough is made from scratch in each restaurant daily, and all ingredients are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

The following pizzas were featured in the segment above: