Are you ready for Halloween? Wisconsin Fear Grounds is sure to make your blood run cold!

MILWAUKEE -- Halloween is creeping up on us -- and the witches and warlocks of Wisconsin Fear Grounds are sure to make your blood run cold! Kasey spent the morning in Waukesha ahead of its final weekend open for the season.

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About the Wisconsin Fear Grounds (website)

The Wisconsin Fear Grounds consisting of three award winning haunted houses awaits you in one location on the Waukesha County Expo Center Grounds. Selected as America’s number 1 “Must See” Haunted Houses. The Wisconsin Fear Grounds is a Wisconsin Halloween Tradition.

Morgan Manor

Morgan Manor, Morgana and her eight witch sisters await your arrival within her Victorian Mansion. The Manor has a deadly spirit of its own within its 13 guest rooms of death and despair. The violent traumas the walls have witnessed have trapped the spirits in a perpetual cycle of torture and sorrow. The moment you walk through the grand entrance, you’ve sealed your own fate. Minions and Demons roam the grounds awaiting your arrival. Bring a friend…bring a few…it may be your only hope of exiting the grounds alive.


Returning in 2018 is the deepest and darkest lower level of Morgana’s Manor….Torment. The lifeless bodies of those who came before you litter the area in body and spirit. Their faint whispers will fill your mind as loudly as screams in the night as you attempt to navigate through the tormented halls. Before you’re done, you’ll understand the suffering of those that perished attempting to survive Torment.


The newest dimension of fear that litters the grounds with the remnants of those not lucky enough to survive is Slaughterhouse. When you enter the outdoor arena where Morgana and her minions butcher the lifeless bodies and create the tortured souls that haunt her estate, you’ll never be the same. Try to avoid meeting your maker as you weave through the executioner’s playground and in the meantime, don’t let him turn you into his next carcass at the Slaughterhouse.