Are you a LEGO lover? KLUG is a relatively new organization, but it has already made its mark

KENOSHA -- Chip and Chris check out the Kenosha LEGO Users Group, better known as "KLUG."

KLUG (website)

Our Members include AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) from all walks of life, and a few YFOLs (Young Fans of LEGO) as well. Some of us have been life long LEGO Fans, some are finding a renewed love for the brick inspired by the camaraderie, and some are seasoned veterans in the Global LEGO Community. No matter what their origins, they have found new levels of fun and devotion as part of the Group.

The Group's greatest asset is found in it's diversity. Our works range from architectural to organic, robotic to humorous, from vehicles to "every day" objects. In every scale imaginable...microscale, minifig scale, miniland, "big" figs...even "life-sized", and exaggerated scales! The variety produces a wonderful melding of fascination for the Group, and an opportunity to learn from one another.

Although KLUG is a relatively new organization, it has already made its mark here in the Midwest. We've had many successful events to our credit since forming the group in June 2010. One of our collaborative focuses has been to create area items and landmarks out of LEGO which are recognizable, beloved parts of our community.