"Amazingly fresh, local cheese:" Take a tour of the only cheese factory in the city of Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Nestled into Walker's Point, Clock Shadow Creamery was the first Urban Cheese Factory in the state of Wisconsin. Carl spent the morning help with the cheese-making process.

About Clock Shadow Creamery (website)

Clock Shadow Creamery is a pioneering urban cheese factory committed to being a model local venture.  Our goal is to produce and provide our customers with amazingly fresh, local cheese. Our mission is simple; our cheese factory will tread softly on the local environment, provide opportunities to learn the craft of cheese making, educate the public on the nutrient value of fresh dairy products, and connect local farmers choices, with the values of our customers.

Opening in April of 2012, Clock Shadow Creamery is located on the ground floor of the newest “green” Fix building in the Walker’s Point Neighborhood. While it is the first urban cheese factory in Wisconsin, our cheese makers are certainly aged – with wisdom.  Clock Shadow Creamery was created by the founders of Cedar Grove Cheese, one of Wisconsin’s oldest cheese producers.  Cedar Grove Cheese introduced a small scale cheese laboratory several years ago in Plain, WI to accommodate the desire of small farmers and itinerant cheese makers to produce and market small batches of specialty artisan cheese varieties.