26 varieties of pumpkins: Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm is "home to one of Wisconsin’s finest pumpkin farms"

WEST BEND -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm in West Bend to get a look at their petting zoo, tractor rides, pumpkins, corn maze, safari trail, and farm. Plus, the produce and products they sell in their shop.

About Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm (website)

We are home to one of Wisconsin’s finest Pumpkin Farms. We grow 26 varieties of pumpkins. You can pick your own pumpkin of any size in the field by taking the hayride out to the pumpkin field and find your perfect pumpkin, or you can take one of our coaster wagons out to the already-picked pumpkin patch and find your perfect pumpkin among our thousands and thousands of already picked pumpkin choices.