FOX celebrating culture, representation for Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month begins Sept. 15, and to celebrate the rich culture of the Latinx community, FOX’s “TV For All” campaign will shine a light on the importance of representation.

“Master Chef” star Aaron Sanchez and “Filthy Rich’s” Alanna Ubach remarked on the importance of sharing Hispanic culture.

“From music to food to local to national leadership to athletes and artists, Latinx representation and influence is vital in all areas of our culture, including entertainment,” Sanchez said.

“Hispanic Heritage Month became legally recognized in 1988 to celebrate what we now refer to as Latinx culture and influence in the United States,” Ubach added.

The campaign will also highlight FOX’s Latinx talent and what the month means to them, including Jessica Alba, Fernanda Andrade, Gerardo Celasco, Benjamin Levy Guilar and Julian Works.

Rafael Silva of “9-1-1 Lone Star” will be hosting a series titled, “Say What,” which will focus on the meaning behind traditional Latinx phrases.

Latinx Heritage Month runs through Oct. 15.

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