Wet and windy: Overnight storms cause power outages in SE Wisconsin

MILWUAKEE -- We Energies is reporting Saturday morning, April 14, that roughly 5,000 people are without power in southeastern Wisconsin. These overnight storms are also bringing with it strong winds and a flood advisory along the lakeshore.

Fox 6's Evan Peterson went down to the Milwaukee's lakefront with a look at weather conditions.

It's incredibly windy this morning. There's an advisory for all of southeastern Wisconsin until 7 p.m. Saturday night. And along with that, wind gusts of 45 mph have already been reported in Milwaukee. In Sheboygan, 52 mph wind gusts have been reported.

Now with water moving around down near the lakefront, there is a lakeshore flood advisory until 7 a.m. Sunday morning, April 15.

Also, the chance for snow. As the day goes on, temperatures will be gradually dropping. So a lot of this water will turn to ice -- and in some spots snow.

Here's a look at the We Energies Power Outage Map.