Weather in 2011 by the numbers

As we close out 2011 here is a look at Milwaukee and Wisconsin’s weather by the numbers:

Hottest in Milwaukee: 98° on July 20th

Coldest in Milwaukee: -7° on Feb. 10th
Months averaging above normal temp: 5 (includes a not yet finished December).
Months averaging below normal temp: 7

Consecutive months of below normal temp: 6 (January to June)

Total snow in 2011: 54.7”

Amount of snow Jan. 31st to Feb. 2nd: 19.8”

% of year’s snow falling Jan. 31st to Feb. 2nd: 36%

Amount of snow in Pell Lake Jan. 31st to Feb. 2nd: 32.8”

Number of weather related fatalities statewide: 10

Number of those fatalities due to heat: 5

Number of weather related injuries statewide: 124

Number of those injuries due to heat: 108

Number of tornadoes statewide: 38

Average annual number statewide: 23

Strongest  T’storm winds: Near 100 mph in Waukesha Co. (June 21st)

(A view from atop the fence surrounding the weather deck. Wondering what this has to do with weather stats? Read on)

How about stats directly from the FOX6 office…

Number of times I locked myself on the weather deck: 2

Number of times I had to hop the fence while in a suit: 1

Number of new meteorologist positions added at FOX6: 0.5 (part time to full time)

Number of Doppler 6000 fixes after a lightning strike: 1

Number of times I crashed the computer system: 2, maybe 3

Number of times I REALLY crashed the computer system: 1

Number of school talks: 6 or 7?

Number of fans added on Facebook: 1,406

Well, that about sums it up for 2011. Let’s hope 2012 bring exciting, but not chaotic weather in 2012.