Warmer temps to move in next week, highs near 70° expected across Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- After a month straight of struggling to see warmer than average high temps, we are finally in for a warm up. Just about the whole state has a great chance to be in the 70s next week with sunshine, as warm air surges up from the south.

Temperature forecast for Tuesday, May 19

This doesn't appear to only last a day or two, as long-term trends continue to favor warmer than average conditions just about through the rest of the month. Average highs at that point start to approach the upper 60s, and we'll likely be flirting with the mid-70s during this time -- maybe even our first 80˚ day of the year!

8-14 temperature outlook for May 20 to May 26th

It's truly been a slow spring, with trace amounts of snow on Mother's Day and multiple late frost warnings, but from here on out, we are clear of freezing chances, and finally, it looks safe to leave the plants outside for good!