Upcoming forecast not pleasing many

As a boy growing up in West Allis I learned Wisconsin Winters can be fun, real fun. Sure it's not the same as summer but as an avid (though not very talented) ski enthusiast, snow can be a good thing. The other winter benefit that I enjoy the most, no lawn mowing.

Everyone has a different version of "good weather". There are very few scenarios where a vast majority of people are not pleased with the forecast. The rest of this week may be the exception. On Thursday our first true Arctic cold front shows up at our doorstep. It will bring a drop in temps, 20s by day, 10s by night. But the front will not bring any snow. This pleases neither the snow lovers or warm weather fanatics. I have yet to hear anyone say their favorite weather is "cold and dry".

(Below: Illustration of the inevitable phone calls from friends/relatives down south asking how the weather is in Wisconsin. Funny how we never get those calls in July).

This November our temps averaged +3.4 above normal, thus we have yet to acclimate to real winter temps. This means our upcoming chilly stretch will probably feel much colder. As for snow, our 0.7" for the season is a fraction of the 4.5" average to this point. Not quite enough to fire up the Arctic-Cat sled for a leisurely ride.

Of course this IS Wisconsin and you won't have to wait too long for a change. After the weekend our temps look to rebound. As for the snow, keep an eye on the forecast next weekend (17th-18th). We may see a Colorado Low or Panhandle Hook up our White Christmas chances.