Severe weather expected in the South on Easter, Wisconsin has a chance for snow

SOUTHERN UNITED STATES -- While Wisconsin has a chance for snow on Sunday, April 12 the South will be in the bulls-eye for one of the highest severe threats of the year so far.

The Severe Weather Prediction Center has already issued a moderate risk for Louisiana and Mississippi three days in advance.

Severe outlook for Sunday, April 12th

It's not unheard of to have a moderate risk three days in advance, but it is quite rare. Generally, as the severe event gets closer, they upgrade the overall threat which means we could see our first high risk since last year.

On average, the Severe Weather Prediction Center only issues 1 or 2 high severe threats each year. SkyVision Plus has these storms sparking up as soon as midday on Sunday, April 12.

Skyvision Plus look at Sunday, April 12th

Meteorologists across the country will be paying close attention to this event as it unfolds on Easter.