Remnants of Tropical Storm Cristobal likely to give Wisconsin flood concerns next week

WISCONSIN -- As Tropical Storm Cristobal continues to evolve in the Gulf of Mexico, long term models continue to favor a track up into Wisconsin by Wednesday, June 10.

This storm is predicted to make landfall in Louisiana by Monday, June 8 and once it does, it will dramatically weaken. As the remnants of Cristobal reach Wisconsin, it won't bring hurricane-force winds or anything but it does give us a chance for heavy rain and flooding.

The future track of Tropical Storm Cristobal for Wednesday, June 10

Skyvision Plus keeps the heaviest of rain for the western part of the state but this could easily track east and give Milwaukee plenty of rainfall. When forecasting out this far, future models are strongly dictated by upper-level winds and this will be the final determinant whether or not all of Wisconsin sees this widespread heavy rain.

Heaviest rain currently expected on Wednesday to impact near the Mississippi River

If the storm plays out as models currently favor, we could be seeing major flood concerns along the Mississippi River with well over 3"-4" of rainfall in some spots. This far out this track will likely change, but this story is worth following as we go through the weekend.

Precip forecast through Wednesday, June 11 for the Midwest. Flooding could become a big concern out West with the storm's current modeled path.