North America was the coldest region in the world Friday morning and we got a taste of it

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN -- Milwaukee and just about all of SE Wisconsin fell bellow 0°F Friday morning, Feb. 14 for the first time in just under a year. The last time we were even close to below-zero was March 4, 2019.

Last time Milwaukee was below 0°F

Since 1938 the average number of times Milwaukee falls below zero is just under 11 per winter. This season we're at one. It has been very mild, to say the least. How did last year measure up? Although we hit -23°F at one point in 2019 we still only had 7 days at or below 0°F for the entire winter of 2018-2019.

The last winter that was truly one for the ages was 2013-2014 where we dropped below 0°F 27 different times! That's about as bad as Milwaukee can get, as the all-time leader for at or below 0°F days was the winter of 1962-1963 -- where we hit it 32 times back when The Beatles recorded their debut album Please Please Me.

On weather extreme days it's always fun to look around the world and learn just how crazy we have it. For example, Iceland doesn't sound so bad right now, neither does Siberia!

Morning, Feb. 14 temps around the world