'Keep your distance:' Drivers urged to give plows the space needed to keep roads safe

RACINE -- Our latest winter storm started to have a serious impact during the evening rush on Friday, Jan. 17 -- and the snow won't start backing off until later on Saturday. That means drivers of salt and plow truck have their work cut out for them.

"I might just turn around and take shelter," said Thomas Severson. "My plans were to drive 50 minutes from Milwaukee to Gurnee Mills."

But limited visibility and steady snowfall made it slow-going for thousands of motorists Friday evening.

Road crews in Racine prepared all day for what was to come.

"We're applying salt pre-treatment and then we`ll be plowing to try and keep roads clear, passable -- and then we'll continue to clean up depending on how much snow and slush we get," said Julie Anderson, Director of Racine County Public Works.

Crews loaded up salt and pulled out the plows for a long night of keeping the roads safe.

"Once the temperatures fall, is when we're gonna possibly see the icing problem. So that's what we're really gonna have to stay ahead of it," Anderson said. "We always tell people, stay away from the plows. Keep your distance while they're doing their jobs."

Plow drivers will likely have to go over the same spots over and over again -- as the snow falls and the wind blows it around. Officials are urging all drivers to allow extra time to get where they need to be.