It’s been over three months since we’ve seen grass

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- As the snow melts, we cap off another streak from this super sized version of winter. From December 9th to March 10th, Milwaukee saw 92 consecutive days of snow cover!

Snow cover is defined as at least 1” on the ground. During this stretch we never dropped below 2” of snow and peaked at 14” in mid February. The streak is second longest on record falling short of the 112 days of consecutive snow cover in the winter of 1978-1979.

It appeared we might challenge the record but the 55° and sunny skies we enjoyed on March 10th took 5”of snow to less than 1” by the end of the day.

By comparison, an average winter would bring about 59 consecutive days of snow cover.

The incredible streak was the result of consistent cold and consistent snow. While the overall amount of snow this season (62” and counting) isn’t off the charts, the delivery has been unique.

We have registered measurable snowfall of 0.1” or more on 48 different days this winter. This is only 4 days short of yet another record. The frequent smaller snowfalls freshened up our snow cover keeping the total from melting down to 0” on any of the few mild days during this time.

The record for overall (non-consecutive) days of snow cover stands at 117. So another 25 days with snow blanketing our lawns would allow us to tie the record. But at this point, I’m pretty sure that’s a record no one wants to touch.