Festa Italiana allowing fans to bring 1 unopened bottle of water onto grounds

MILWAUKEE -- Festa Italiana kicks off at Maier Festival Park on Friday, July 19. With temperatures ticking up into the 90s, organizers are making sure people will stay cool.

"One year it's rain, the next year it's heat," said Marie Andalo-Lieber, Festa Italiana.

You never know what you'll get with festival season in Milwaukee.

"I think everything is going to work out," said Andalo-Lieber.

It's a flip of the coin Festa Italiana organizers have become accustomed to. As they get ready for opening day, they're also preparing for the rising temperatures that will come along with it.

Marie Andalo-Lieber

"People know if it's hot we'll take care of them," said Andalo-Lieber.

They're hoping a run through the splash pad and a lake breeze will help with the sweltering heat -- while also making sure festival-goers are safe.

"We're allowing people to come in with one water bottle. There's going to be cooling stations," said Andalo-Lieber.

The heat is being felt across Milwaukee. Bell Ambulance has beefed up staffing in anticipation of more calls for service.

"We've added three or four extra ambulances just in case," said Justin Malueg, Bell Ambulance. "With the heat index as high as it's going to be I could see it increasing quite a bit."

It's a summer scorcher that won't melt away the fun.

"No matter what Mother Nature throws at us, we will be ready when Festa opens," said Andalo-Lieber.

If you are getting out to Festa Italiana, you will be able to bring a sealed water bottle into Festa. If you are out and about in the heat, make sure you be smart and stay hydrated.