Don't push the weather panic button around here

I absolutely despise the media hyping weather events. For those who know my style, this is hardly breaking news. In fact, our motto at FOX6 Weather is "be prepared, not scared" to reflect our philosophy that we won't scare our viewers into watching us.

It is that time of year again when winter storms and potential large snowfalls could move into Wisconsin. But even a small snowfall can create travel problems with slick roads. What may seem like a minor snowfall to one person is a major problem for another. For every person who hates snow there is another person who loves it.

In my opinion, media outlets like FOX6 have a mission to inform viewers about upcoming weather events, especially those that may impact their daily lives. We believe in passing along this information in a calm and realistic manner. Information is key. Breathlessly talking about an upcoming storm like our hair is on fire serves nobody well.
Flurries or a light accumulation of 2" to 4" of snow is nothing major, but you wouldn't know it listening to some Milwaukee media. Let's get real here. Hyping a weather event, talking it up larger than it really is, does nothing to help the viewer.
Does the hype really attract viewers? Some media think it must. Regular FOX6 viewers know better.