Above average temps expected: July 2 marks beginning of our warmest period of the year

MILWAUKEE -- Thursday, July 2 marks the beginning of our warmest period of the year. The average high temp is now 80˚F and looking ahead for the rest of this week and through mid-July, we'll be well above that.

By the Fourth of July, we'll be close to 90˚ with possible triple digits to our south in some areas.

Fourth of July temperature forecast

The 6-Day Planner for July 2 through July 7 has every single day in the upper 80s to near 90˚! So far, we've only gotten above 90˚ once, and that was on June 2 when we hit 93˚, but after this week, we can add at least a couple more 90˚ days to that tally.

6-Day Planner for July 2nd through July 7th

Long-term temperature trends continue to hint at warmer than average conditions for the Upper Midwest. Average high temps through this period are 80˚, with it finally going down to 79˚ by Aug. 5. It's a safe bet we'll have many more 90s in the forecast.

If you remember, in 2012, we had the hottest July on record, with the average temperature being 78.6˚, and the second-highest maximum temperature average at 91.5˚.

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook July 8th through July 14th