90% chance of scattered sunshine Thursday, Jan. 30

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN -- The last time we saw decent sunshine was Wednesday, Jan. 22 but there is a glimmer of hope. While many of us have waited over a week for sun on Thursday, Jan. 30 we will, in fact, see breaks of scattered sunshine.

Forecast for Thursday, Jan 30.

Taking a closer look at Skyvision Plus throughout our afternoon we'll have multiple shots of seeing a large ball of light in the sky called the sun. The sun is vital to giving earth heat and maintaining life on Earth.

Skyvision Plus for Thursday, Jan. 30

It's not just Wisconsin that hasn't seen sunshine in over a week. A majority of the midwest has been under a thick shield of clouds that hasn't budged due to recent systems in the southern United States and high-pressure sitting in Canada.

Cloud cover from Tuesday, Jan. 28

Looking at the 6-Day Planner we'll have a few more shots at sunshine before January is over but still no mostly sunny day insight.

6-Day Planner