'Without that noise, everything is heard:' Brewers adjust to empty seats during team scrimmage

MILWAUKEE -- While the rain came down outside, it wasn't a worry to the Milwaukee Brewers inside Miller Park on Wednesday, July 15 as the Crew settled-in for Game 2 of the "Blue-Gold World Series."

Playing without the roar of the crowd is still a new experience for the Brewers. Manager Craig Counsell said that can be a good thing.

"I don't know if this makes sense, but like generally from the dugout to the batters' box, it's good that not everything is heard," Counsell said. "Without that noise, everything is heard -- including the pitcher and hitter."

For some players, it was enjoyable experiences, too.

"I was actually a fan of the no crowd noise," outfielder Ben Gamel said. "It is the first time in the outfield that I could actually communicate in between innings with outfielders and stuff like that."

As for the game itself, pitcher Corbin Burnes looked good for the Gold team -- his first outing of the series. Christian Yelich continues to struggle; he was struck out by Burnes.

Bottom line -- this is summer camp. For now, players are still learning what works for them.