When the team's out of town, the "Bucks Bar Network" opens for business

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Bucks fans beware -- if Bango's breaking it down, basketball's about to begin! On Tuesday, October 28th, the Bucks mascot visited various Wendy's restaurants, giving away game tickets for Friday's home opener against the Philadelphia 76ers. It's part of a long-standing team tradition. But this year, along with new team ownership, there's a new promotional effort.

The new promotional effort is called the "Bucks Bar Network." It involves a growing list of 28 drinking and eating establishments which offer incentives for fans when the team is out of town.

"Each of them get a night where they are our featured bar, and we'll be driving fans down there to watch the games; watch those road games. They do specials for us on their nights, as well as for our season-ticket holders -- so it's kind of a season-long partnership," said Dustin Godsey, Milwaukee Bucks VP of Marketing.

C.J. Papara says his 4th Base restaurant-bar has been a Brewers fan favorite. But he joined the Bucks Bar Network because he wants Bucks fans to bounce through as well.

"As a way to entice people to come in and eat and drink before the game. We've got a couple tickets, you know, that we'll be giving away to pretty much all the games," said Papara.

The Milwaukee Bucks kick off the regular season on Wednesday night, October 29th -- on the road vs. the Hornets in Charlotte. Wednesday night's featured bar is Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub -- where the Bucks dancers are set to perform and tickets to Friday night's home opener will be given away.

Establishments in places as far from Milwaukee as Sheboygan and Janesville have agreed to participate in the Bucks Bar Network.

CLICK HERE for a list of participating establishments and the specials they're offering.