West Allis runner claims state cross country title

Some would say that Nathan Hale High School's Joshua Truchon has been running his entire life. Now, the senior cross country runner is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Truchon has taken part in just about every sport available -- soccer, basketball, football, golf. He is humble, though, about his athletic ability.

"Doesn't mean I was good at any of them. We would do some conditioning at the end. I felt pretty good at that part of practice. I couldn't catch but I could run," Truchon said.

Wherever he goes, the West Allis senior likes to dress in a style all his own.

"I have some of the ugliest sweaters. Like what an old person would wear. You can be different in what you wear. I am definitely a different kind of person and my clothes kind of reflect that," said Truchon.

Truchon won this year's Division I state meet but says his favorite memory is just running with teammates.

"You forget about everything that went on during the day and you just get to hang out with those guys," Truchon said.