"We're proud of Madison:" Get to know the new UW head football coach, Paul Chryst

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Thomas Wolfe once wrote that "you can't go home again" -- of course, Wolfe was around long before college football became a multi-million dollar business.

Madison native and former Badgers Assistant Coach, Paul Chryst" is now the guy in Madison.

"I'm thrilled to welcome the entire Chryst family to come back to Madison, come back home, and formally introduce Paul Chryst as our new head football coach at the University of Wisconsin," said Barry Alvarez, Director of Athletics.

With Bucky dancing and Badgers band blaring, the Paul Chryst era at Wisconsin begins with another homecoming.

"To be able to do this and come back home to Wisconsin, it truly is special.  I think what's special is everyone talks about we know and we're proud of Wisconsin and we're proud of Madison, and certainly proud of the place," said Chryst.

"It's a big deal. A lot of people out here today, with the band going, Coach Alvarez, it was just cool. A lot of alumni were standing around over by where I was. It was kind of cool to see how many people this really does affect and kind of the support," said Derek Watt, Badgers fullback.

This is the fourth time Chryst has come to the University of Wisconsin.

Initially, he came to the school as a quarterback in the mid 1980's, returning in 2002 as the tight ends coach.

He left again for a couple of years only to come back to his Alma mater in 2005 as the offensive coordinator until 2011.

"You go on your journey and your try to grow. Then to be able to come back more than once, it's pretty special," Chryst said.

It was during his time as the offensive coordinator when he got to know many of the current Badgers, including quarterback Joel Stave who he recruited to Wisconsin.

"There's a number of guys on the team who have had experience with him. From all the 5th year seniors this year, all the guys in my class. So that's a pretty good chunk of the team has played under him or at least experienced him as a coach. So, I think that really brings a lot of confidence for guys because we know the kind of coach he is. We know the kind of guy he is. And I think he fits the program really well. I'm excited to have him back," said Joel Stave.

"All the kids he didn't know already he would ask where you were from, try to get as much information in that quick, short time as he could. So he truely cares, wants to know where you're from and where you're coming from. So, that was kind of good to hear," said Watt.

Running back Corey Clement knew Chryst from the recruiting trail as well, but that was when Chryst was the head coach at Pittsburgh, something they remembered in their reunion.

"We actually got to talk about school rather than football. So, from that standpoint it just felt like I was rekindling with the first coach that I actually committed to. But unfortunately I de-committed. I said no hard feelings right? So I guess we're back on good terms," said Clement.

"To be able to see them and certainly a lot of the faces, especially in the front of the room, knew a lot of them. They've grown up," said Chryst.

For Derek Watt, Chryst's return has started on the right foot.

"He cares about the players. His whole first team meeting was all about us. Obviously he was grateful for the opportunity. But then he put it on, it was all about us," said Watt.

"I think what matters most is getting to know your team, so I look forward to that.  It was great seeing the players.  Certainly the ones you don't know, and even the ones you do know.  You look forward to getting to know them and actually have a true, deep relationship with them," said Chryst.

Chryst will try to get to know his entire team as they prepare for Auburn and the Outback Bowl.

Barry Alvarez will coach that game and then Chryst will take over after that.