'We're in a rebuilding phase:' Spirited cheeseheads look to 2019 after disappointing Packers season

GREEN BAY -- Missing the playoffs two years in a row, and getting blanked at Lambeau Field in the final game of the 100th Green Bay Packers season vs. the Detroit Lions on Sunday, Dec. 30 wasn't easy for fans. FOX6 News set out to find the most spirited cheeseheads, making the best of the last game of the season at Lambeau Field.

From the youngest to the aged, these cheeseheads said they hope for a better 2019 for their Green Bay Packers.

"My hat is at least 25 years old," said Linda Stuth.

Linda Stuth

"I got the hat across the street and I always carry duct tape -- maintenance thing," said Al Zimmerman from Ohio.

Al Zimmerman

"I was going to get one of those cheeseheads, but it didn't fit right. This one I can fit on there and it fits real nice -- and I can put a hat underneath it too," said Bryon Huls, who was celebrating his first Lambeau Field experience on Sunday.

Bryon Huls

"This hat -- I bought it three years ago, but yesterday I added all the stickers. I said 'let's make it cool,'" said Mario Velazquez from Houston.

Mario Velazquez

"I was in one of those Santa competitions where you try to pass the gift you don't really want -- and I knew I was coming to the Packers game, so I knew this had to be the hat for the occasion," said Dan Gustafson from Madison.

Dan Gustafson

Stuth said she wears the hat every week, and it's gotten better with age.

"I just needed to make it my own. I put a cow on it for Wisconsin. Then I added a cheesehead from an eraser on the cow. Well, we need the flags on the back," said Stuth.

Despite the loss and the struggles this season, Stuth was looking ahead to 2019.

"Every team goes through the ups and downs. We're a young team. We're in a rebuilding stage," said Stuth.