TMZ reporting whistleblower says Braun purchased PEDs

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- TMZ is now reporting Major League Baseball investigators are set to sit down with an apparent "whistleblower" who claims he can prove Milwaukee slugger Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees purchased performance enhancing drugs from Biogensis -- a Miami clinic.

This comes after news broke in early June that Major League Baseball is set to suspend some 20 players in the coming weeks due to a scandal involving performance-enhancing drugs, according to an ESPN report.

The network says it is potentially the worst drug abuse case in the history of baseball.

Baseball’s highest-paid player, Rodriguez, as well as Braun are among those facing suspension, ESPN said.

According to TMZ, sources with direct knowledge of Major League Baseball's investigation say MLB officials will be meeting with Porter Fischer in Florida this week, and he's expected to reveal his detailed records from the Biogenesis clinic.

TMZ reports that Fischer is an ex-employee at Biogenesis and claims to have the goods on more than 100 baseball players -- among them Braun and A-Rod -- who allegedly obtained banned PEDs from the clinic's owner Tony Bosch.

The Yankees just cleared Rodriguez to play in a minor league game as he continues to rehab from hip surgery.

TMZ says the MLB meeting was brokered by Fischer's attorney, Ray Rafool -- and that MLB will pay Fischer a "consultant" fee in exchange for his cooperation.

Both Braun and Rodriguez have denied using PEDs. However, Braun has faced suspension before, for a period of 50 games.

In 2012, a drug test showed high levels of testosterone in his body, but the outfielder successfully disputed the testing process, and the suspension was overturned in February.