"They love to entertain:" Milwaukee Flyers never cease to impress, while teaching integrity

MILWAUKEE -- If you made it out to a Milwaukee Bucks game this season, there is a good chance you saw a talented young group of gymnasts. But aside from their tumbling act, these young men are learning valuable lessons and hoping to inspire others.

The Milwaukee Flyers

The group is known as The Milwaukee Flyers.

"They love to entertain the crowd. It's kinda like they're little celebrities. Some schools we go to they sign autographs, just being able to hear those applause and cheers just really moves these young men," said Charles Grant.

Ten years ago, Grant, with help of his brothers, combined the family's gymnastics backgrounds with a mentoring focus -- to create a group that taught more than tumbling.

"Diligence, responsibility, respect," said Keantae Wilson.

"The mentoring part I'm passionate about is because I once was a troubled youth. I experienced incarceration, dropping out of school at an early age. So that's what I bring to the table here. To instill into them that it's not worth it," Grant said.

"My coach right there, he's like my dad. He teaches me so many things -- not just flipping. He teaches us about discipline, integrity. It's always a positive pathway, he shows us the better outlooks on the world so," said Deondre McArthur who is 16 years old.

The Milwaukee Flyers

22 gymnasts, with a wide variety of ages and skill levels, have become family. They spend their free time traveling around southeast Wisconsin using their inspirational act to give back.

""I loved it, I loved it. When I first got here everyone welcomed me with open arms. When I saw them outside practicing, everyone was just flipping everywhere. I was like, oh yeah I'm gonna love this automatically. It just made a big connection so," McArthur said.

The Milwaukee Flyers

"The Milwaukee Flyers is a good way to give to the community and like talk to people and stuff like that," Wilson said.

"I feel like if it wasn't for our team starting and actually grabbing young men and women out of the community then I feel like I wouldn't be here probably. I would probably be doing something I'd have no business doing," McArthur said. "Now I know there is always a positive outlook on the world, instead of the negative path or something like that."

The Milwaukee Flyers

From school assemblies, summer festivals and Bucks games, the Flyers never cease to impress.

"To me gymnasts, you have to be fearless. You have to be fearless to do those things and going up that high over a 8 foot flag," Grant said. "I just, continue you know praising and letting them know, this is you, this is your future. This is your gift. Continue to keep using it."

In addition to practicing three times a week, the Flyers also provide tutoring sessions and a safe place to go after school -- keeping their main focus in mind.