Sunday's win helps to push Packers ticket prices higher

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Green Bay Packers huge comeback victory vs. the Cowboys on the road on Sunday was the talk of the day on Monday, December 16th! With the right combination of events, the Packers could still be playoff bound! So what does this mean for Packers ticket prices?

Sunday's win is keeping the hopes alive for Packers fans -- but this week's game is a must-win for the Green and Gold. With that kind of playoff atmosphere as a backdrop, we wanted to know what it could mean for Packers ticket sales.

"I think people are going to be able to buy them at cheap prices. I think people that are selling them are going to have to accept low prices because quite frankly, you know, being two days before Christmas it's a holiday conflict for a lot of people and they just have so much going on that you're not going to see a tremendous demand for tickets," Mike Holzberger with Connections Ticket Service said.

However, Sunday's win has helped push prices higher than they've been.

"If you just wanted a seat in the end zone --  something like that -- you're looking somewhere right around 140, 145 bucks. (On Sunday), before the game, you could have got in for probably $100," Holzberger said.

As far as Packers tickets historically go, you can still get them pretty cheap -- though not likely as cheap as the last couple of home games.

"For those games we saw prices even below the face value -- in some cases as low as half price for this game. They're definitely low but they're not that low," Holzberger said.

Since it's a must-win for Green Bay, Holzberger predicts a playoff-like atmosphere, but doesn't expect prices to rapidly rise -- unless a certain quarterback is deemed healthy enough to play.

"People aren't running right now to pay high money for tickets until Rodgers gets announced as the starter," Holzberger said.

If that happens, and the Pack walks away with the victory on Sunday, we can expect prices for the Chicago matchup to increase by about 50%.

"If the Packers can win this weekend and Detroit can lose and let us essentially control our own destiny, I would not be surprised for it to take $300 just to get a low end ticket for that game in Chicago. Right now, you can get those tickets for about $200, but you're looking at a situation next week were it will essentially be a playoff game," Holzberger said.

Holzberger predicts that if Rodgers is announced as the starting quarterback for Sunday's game vs. the Steelers later this week, we can expect prices for Sunday's game to continue going up.