'Something in the air:' Businesses cash in with die-hard fans -- including Bucks-themed tattoos, treats

MILWAUKEE -- The City of Milwaukee has gone 'Bucks wild.' With the team on a winning streak, area businesses are cashing in on the success.

"Something in the air, man. It's awesome," said Bobbie Pauley, Walker's Point Tattoo.

Walker's Point Tattoo artist, Bobbie Pauley, says more and more clients are asking for Bucks-themed ink.

"It's a lot of die-hard fans I think. A lot of people that have loved them for years and now are happy to see them do this well," said Pauley.

As the team continues to dominate in the postseason, Walker's Point Tattoo is among many around Milwaukee profiting off the Bucks' success.

"I mean, we still obviously have our regular clientele but now we've got a whole new crop of people, potentially," said Pauley.

With Game 2 falling on Friday night, May 17, the Deer District anticipates its biggest crowd yet during the playoffs.

"We do see people start coming around 4 p.m. That's when it gets busy," said Katharine Foley, Punch Bowl Social.

Katharine Foley, a spokesperson for Punch Bowl Social, says it will be all hands on deck as 30 televisions broadcast the matchup from both indoor and outdoor bars.

"There's no bad seat in the house," said Foley.

Punch Bowl Social

Lathea Brooks

Lathea Brooks and her friends watched the Game 1 win from the plaza.

"I was very jam-packed. It was just so awesome to see everybody rooting and just to see the team going and see the team have such an awesome game," said Brooks.

For Game 2 tipoff, Brooks will also be playing her best offense at her convenience store, Carters Mini Mart.

"We will be selling cupcakes outside and inside. They will be Bucks-themed," said Brooks.

Brooks is hoping to promote both her passion and city pride.

"It's beautiful to be in Milwaukee," said Brooks.