Slinger singer thrives on track, in the arts

In Slinger, you'll always be able to find Michael Loomans gearing up for a run. 

"Running is very, very valuable in my life," said Michael Loomans, Slinger junior. "Without running, I don't think I'd be the same person. I think it really grounds me as a person."

It's a year-round sport for the junior, who is a member of the Slinger boy's cross-country and track and field teams. Recently, the Owls cross-country squad ran inspired at the state tournament. 

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"It was really hard for us to go to state and we really, really worked hard for it, but I know this next track season, I'm going to go for a lot of the school records," said Loomans.

Now, before his next track season begins, Michael will be able to take a breath and let his vocals shine.

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Michael thrives in the arts. He's an accomplished artist, singer, songwriter and actor. His big break on stage came in eighth grade when he was cast in The Newsies at the Skylight Theater in Milwaukee. 

"That was one of the best shows I've ever had," said Loomans. "Super, super fun. I cried when it was all over."

This past summer, Michael also released his single "Tell Me What That Says About You" on YouTube.

"This song is true to myself and very authentic," said Loomans. "It was a very stressful process, but it's a process I'm very, very proud of and a process that was needed, and I'm really, really happy with how everything turned out."

Michael's been songwriting since the sixth grade. He started out writing about the normal middle school struggles of heartbreak and finding love, but now, he says his song material has matured. 

"I'm also trying to write about trying to make a change in the world," said Loomans. "For me, songwriting is more about just writing a song. It's also about getting my voice heard and putting myself out there."

In the music circles, he's known as Michael Kameron.

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"Kameron for me, I'm adopted, and my birth mom originally gave me the name Kameron and so I kind of just kept Kameron as my middle name," said Loomans. "What if I just do Michael Kameron and see how that turns out and I feel like it kind of has a better artist ring to it."

He describes his music as having a pop background. So far, Michael has released over 50 songs and he's working on more, so his home studio comes in handy.

"Right now, for me it's just about having fun and experimenting but I'm making it more of like a thing for me and like pursuing my passion," said Loomans.

Eventually, Michael hopes his dreams hit the right note. 

"For me, it's just more about like being happy in the future and as long as I'm getting jobs, acting, singing, doing the things I love, I would say that's a pretty good goal," said Loomans. 

Now don't worry, Michael's not hanging up his running shoes just yet. They're still very much a part of his future. 

And he's proof that if you have the determination and drive, no lights will ever dim your shine if you dream big. 

"There's kind of like no limit and even, I'm in high school and a lot of people think it's like crazy that I'm a high schooler putting out music or I'm a high schooler doing just acting in Milwaukee," said Loomans. "There's a lot more things opening up and if you want to do it, just go out and do it."

You can find Michael's music on social media You can also find his music on all other platforms under "Michael Kameron." 

He plans on releasing new music next month.