Seattle Seahawks' fan sends Green Bay mayor care package

SEATTLE -- Among Seattle Seahawks' fans who were on the winning end of Monday night's call declaring the Seahawks the winners over the Green Bay Packers (14-12), there are some who sympathize with what Packers fans are feeling following the game, and the controversial hotly-debated game-ending call. One Seahawks' fan is trying to make peace -- sending a care package to Green Bay's mayor.

Among the pastries and coffee served up at Larsen's Bakery in Seattle, there was a different aroma wafting through the place following Monday night's game. It is the same smell hovering over the NFL, amidst the outcry over the replacement refs. Some would say it's fishy!

In the middle of the nation's fixation with "ref rage," the man affectionately known as "Ballard's Grandpa Rudy" is sending a gift basket to Green Bay's City Hall.

"What we have to do is show some kind of civility," Rudy said.

Rudy said he called Green Bay's mayor to say "no hard feelings" after his team beat the Pack following the controversial call by the replacement refs.

"Let you know we want to send you a care package of fish and pastries," Rudy said.

There is no word on whether Green Bay's mayor got the care package.

Week Four games begin Thursday, September 27th, and negotiations between the NFL and referees' union are still in flux -- though many media outlets reported Wednesday a deal may be coming soon.

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