Ryan Braun receives MVP trophy in ceremony Sunday

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Ryan Braun has been given his National League MVP trophy in a ceremony before the Milwaukee Brewers hosted the Colorado Rockies on Sunday, April 22nd by Robin Yount, another Milwaukee MVP award winner.

Braun received a brief standing ovation when he was introduced following a video tribute. Standing outside the Brewers dugout, he was given the Silver Slugger award as the NL's top hitting left fielder from team owner Mark Attanasio.

Yount, the 1982 and `89 AL MVP, then handed Braun the MVP award. Braun held the trophy above his head, smiled and walked back to the dugout, where he high-fived his teammates.

Braun hit .332 in 2011 with 33 homers, 111 RBIs, 109 runs scored and 33 stolen bases, leading the Brewers to the NL Championship Series.

Shortly after he won the MVP award, it was reported by ESPN that Braun tested positive in October for elevated testosterone but his 50-game sspension was overturned on appeal.