Robin Yount staying connected to baseball through Chinooks

MILWAUKEE -- When he played so brilliantly for the Milwaukee Brewers for 20 years, Robin Yount was anything but a fish out of water. Based on his involvement with another local baseball team, that's not the case anymore.

Whether starring in the 1982 World Series, or thrilling Brewer nation with a grand entrance after the heartbreaking seven-game loss to St. Louis, or collecting his 3,000th hit, Hall of Famer Robin Yount did everything all out and with dignity and class for two decades.

Aside from his greatness as a ballplayer, one of the reasons for Yount's lasting popularity is the fact that he has remained connected with the community. One example is his involvement as part of the ownership group of the Lakeshore Chinooks - a Northwoods League team comprised of college standouts who will play their home games at brand new Kapco Park on the campus of Concordia University.

Yount was never one for receiving compliments for what he does. It's all part of his paying it forward.

Kapco President and Chinooks Majority Owner Jim Kacmarcik is glad to have Yount involved.

"The Kid," as he was known, is now a 58-year-old grandfather, but he still looks as if he could play the game. As one of its all-time great competitors, you get the feeling that he misses it.

Yount will always have the memories, and so will all of those fortunate enough to have seen him play.

Yount was a two-time league MVP - once as a shortstop and once as a center-fielder, after a shoulder injury forced him to change positions.