Report: Washington Redskins name change imminent

DALLAS (FOX 5) -- A Washington Redskins name change is imminent, according to a report.

Senior NFL reporter for Yahoo Charles Robinson told ESPN Radio’s Dallas-Fort Worth station that “Washington is about to have a new name – over the next 24, 48 hours.”

Robinson said he does not know what the name will be, but that the NFL is “taking steps to tell everybody who has Washington’s nickname on its platform to start scrubbing it.”

FOX 5 has reached out to the Redskins organization for more information.

So far, they have not removed any of their existing iconography from their platforms.

The Redskins have been under increasing pressure to change their controversial nickname and logo.

Within the last two weeks, FedEx - which owns the naming rights to Washington's stadium - asked the team to change its name.

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