PGA Tour Pro Mark Wilson on quarantine amid COVID-19: 'A nice reset button for us'

CHICAGO -- With the golf world shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic, golfers are finding ways to stay sharp, including Wisconsin native Mark Wilson. The PGA Tour pro and broadcaster spoke with FOX6's Brandon Cruz about how he's doing while staying "Safer at Home."

"I am doing just fine," said Wilson. "My family and I are in quarantine now for about three weeks. It is actually a nice reset button for us. We don't have to go out in the war other than me going to the grocery store. Feel like I am going in the war, putting gloves on, and a mask on, to just go to the store, but the real heroes are the doctors, and nurses, and the medical community that are fighting this thing. You know, we can sit on our couch. It's not that big of a deal."

Wilson said technology was helping him keep in touch with family.

"Zoom here is something I didn't know existed two weeks ago," said Wilson. "Now, I think I am on it two, three times a day. I have been recording calls myself for something I have been doing on the internet called, 'Mark It Down Live'. Talk to my folks, yes. They were in South Carolina. Their annual Hilton Head trip. They weren't going to miss that. It was kind of like, middle of March. They were already down there and they thought, why should we come back to Wisconsin? It's cold, and we might as well enjoy the beach. It was really quiet down there. Almost everybody else canceled their time, so they enjoyed there, and you are right. I mean, communication is so much easier that this is going on in 2020 then it would have even been in 2000, before FaceTime and all this technology."

Wilson hosts "Mark It Down Live" on Twitter every Wednesday and Saturday at 2 p.m. from his home in suburban Chicago.