Pewaukee soccer star finds 'joy' in the beautiful game

One Pewaukee senior is one of the best soccer players in the state and he's all about finding the back of the net. That's what makes him this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Lucas Nesthus credits his father for getting him into soccer, which he says he has fallen in love with over the years.

"Soccer is like really unique," said Nesthus. "I'm really free out there, free to do my own thing. I can make whatever plays that I want and I'm free to do whatever I want out there."

Nesthus grew up playing as a striker, but he says head coach Don Michaelson has given him that freedom as an attacking midfielder.

The all-conference athlete still has a few more goals he wants to accomplish with the Pirates, like scoring as many goals as possible, but the next step after graduation is Marquette.

"Marquette is just an amazing fit for me," said Nesthus. "They have an amazing coaching staff there. They brought me in when I was really young. They started recruiting me my eighth grade year. They took interest that year. Everything there just fits in perfectly with me."

Nesthus knows where he wants soccer to take him. He wants to play professionally somewhere down the line.

He wants to keep it in his life for as long as he can because it's what makes him happy.

"Soccer just brings the most joy to me," Nesthus said. "It's what it's who I am. Basically, you know, when people think of me, I'm pretty sure the first thing I have to think about is like soccer and you know, where I'm going to college. And if I'm going to go beyond college."

When Nesthus isn't playing, he's training to be a better player.

"I like doing stuff that enhances my game," said Nesthus. "I like playing video games sometimes watching TV, watching shows, but mostly doing stuff that enhances my game. So like working on my speed, working on my strength, all that stuff."