Packers' Jones plans to 'let my play do the talking' this season

The Green Bay Packers opened the 2020 campaign with a dominating road win against the Minnesota Vikings.

FOX6's Lily Zhao went one-on-one with running back Aaron Jones to talk about the Packers starting off the season right and the statement he made on the sidelines late in the game.

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "What was it like for you guys really to kick off the year 1-0 when you had no preseason work and you guys made the statement you guys did -- racking up 522 yards of offense on the road against a really good team in Minnesota?"

"It was a lot of fun," said Jones. "You know, the guys were ready to get out there and compete. We've been ready to play football for a while, and just getting the chance to get out there and compete against some other guys, and having a year down in the offense, we all felt comfortable going out there, and able to play fast."

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "You're coming a season where you had 19 total touchdowns, tied for the league lead in 2019. We've heard you say you're coming into the season with a chip on your shoulder. Why is that?"

"I just feel like I still haven't gotten the respect that other backs have gotten so I'm just, it's just added fuel to the fire, and I'm, uh, it's an underdog mentality," said Jones. "I've always had that mentality, so just gonna continue to work and let my play do the talking."

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "When you see the contracts that, you know, a guy like Dalvn Cook and a guy like Alvin Kamara have gotten, they've kind of set the market for running backs, and kind of, you especially, when you see those numbers that are coming in, what are you kind of thinking inside knowing that you and the Packers were still kind of working on getting a contract done here?"

"I just, uh, congratulations to those guys," said Jones. "I know my time is coming and, I mean, I don't know what is going to be, or if it's gonna be what those guys got, but I know when my times comes, it's gonna come in, but congratulations to those guys."

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "OK, well, I have to ask, though, about your sunglasses. We saw you put them on on the sidelines, fourth quarter. Explain to me why those sunglasses?"

"So I'm recently signed with Oakley, and I was supposed to wear them coming into the game, and I forgot them on the bus," said Jones. "Some of the guys went back and got them for me, so thank you to them, and so, I said if I scored, I was going to throw them on. Oakley's a sponsor of the league and so, I was able to do that. I think they're pretty stylish there -- some of my favorite glasses I've ever had. They fit me pretty well."

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "Do you think it was a little fitting that, I think it was Anthony Barr last year who said, kind of, 'Get off the field. The lights are too bright for you kid.' Was that kind of going through your mind at all when you had those sunglasses on in the fourth quarter?"

"It definitely did a little bit at the end, and some of the guys started yelling it to me, so kind of went with it, which was kind of ironic, and it was kind of funny 'cause the guys quickly thought it was for that," said Jones. "Lights too bright, throw on some shades, haha."

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