Packers Hall of Famer Will Henderson opens frozen yogurt shops

WHITEFISH BAY -- Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer, number 33 William Henderson is now the owner of the Sweet Frog frozen yogurt shop.

"This organization started back in Virginia several years ago. It started on the concept that we want to bring families together, and think of charity -- how we can bring charity to the community. With a great option, and a great healthy choice, but then we can benefit other programs in the meantime," Henderson said.

One of Will Henderson's friends in Virginia came up with the Sweet Frog concept. He and his wife then called former Green Bay Packers' fullback Henderson.

"They asked me to bring this wonderful concept to a state I have fallen in love with. The opportunity to bring it to Wisconsin was immediate for me, and was an immediate 'yes.' That is what I have been doing the entire time I have been with the Green Bay Packers -- trying to find out ways to thank and contribute to the people who have been so gracious and supportive," Henderson said.

The Sweet Frog frozen yogurt business certainly benefits from having Henderson on its side.

"He's an amazing business man, and he's very talented, on and off the field. As a person, he's just so humble," Sweet Frog Regional Director Michael Garrison said.

Henderson never missed the chance to throw a bone-crushing block, and he doesn't plan on being an absentee owner. Henderson believes in his product and its benefits.

"We're not trying to deny everybody of their frozen custard or their ice creams or whatever that stuff they serve at McDonald's is. I'm not being mean, but this is actually yogurt. This is a healthy, high-protein supplement for your diet," Henderson said.

The challenge is controlling portions, and staying away from the gummy worms! Packers' greats Ahman Green and Jerry Kramer managed to do that when they stopped by during the recent grand opening to offer their support.

"That is really special. We work so hard up there to do things right, and create an image in society and in the state, and to see a young guy like William come along who is not only a really good football player and the guy who sacrificed himself the most of the time for other people, and to see him succeed as a businessman, that's very gratifying," Kramer said.

"Because of my history and my ties to the green and gold team just down the road, I get to hopefully address the need and desire to keep the Packers as America's team. When you come in and see myself or some of my former teammates, or even my mentors from the 60s like Jerry Kramer -- if you see any of those guys at the location, we're hopefully encouraging the next generation of Packers fans," Henderson said.

Henderson's Wisconsin Sweet Frog franchises are located in Plover and Whitefish Bay. Shops are coming soon to Brookfield and De Pere.