Packers great Gilbert Brown fights against bullying

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- In another life, Gilbert Brown used to dig graves. The Packers grave digger did that after making one of his signature hard hits from his defensive nose tackle position.

Today, the Packers Hall of Famer is in his ninth season of helping to build young lives on and off the football field, through the Gilbert Brown Football Camp at North Division School.

As a 345-pound nose tackle, Brown was the biggest bully on the field. Today, he speaks out against bullying. In fact, he was bullied when he was a youngster.

Not surprisingly, Brown has strong thoughts on tackling the bully problem.

16-year-old Jordan Crosby's a fullback who loves football, but he hated being bullied. Having felt the emotion of being bullied, Crosby wants to get a message out to other kids who may be going through the same thing -- even if they don't play football.

Brown's son Jamal will follow in his famous father's footsteps and play college football at Kansas. Like his dad, Jamal was bullied as a kid, but he got past it, in part because of Brown's love and support.

Jamal, an offensive guard, is even bigger than Brown, but the elder Brown lets him know who is still in charge.

Brown is a giant with an even bigger heart for his kid, and everyone else's.

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